Website translations

According to recent online surveys, only 26% percent of internet users look for websites written in English (source: Internet World Stats) and the other 74% search for foreign languages, which means that if you wish to reach a wider, international audience, your company could benefit from website translations. 

Once you have made the decision whether to set up a dedicated page on your site in various languages or to have your entire website translated into a select few, just get in touch and Cintra Language Services Group can arrange it for you. 

As your website is the gateway to your clients, getting it right is vital. This is why we recommend a three-step process for website translations: translation by a professional translator, revision by a second, equally qualified linguist, and once the website is uploaded into its final layout, proofreading to ensure everything where it is supposed to be and all the links work fine. 

For more information on how we can help you with your interpreting and translation needs, call us on 01223 346870 or send us an enquiry.